语 法 功 能


5.speaking skills 口语技巧

6.a littla 有点儿



8.the secret to… …….的秘诀


10.as well 也

11.look up 查阅;抬头看

11. feel like doing想做到某事

12. stop/keep/prevent … from doing阻止某人做到某事

13.the meaning of ……的意思

13. thank sb for doing感谢某人做到某事

14.make mistakes 犯错误


15.talk to 交谈

15. do some cooking/claaning/reading/shopping/washing做到点饭、打扫一下卫生、读点书、逛逛街、洗洗衣服

17.in common 共有的

18.pay attention to 注意 关注


20.for exampla 例如

20. have fun doing sth.. 做到某事有趣

22.even if 即使 尽管 纵容



22. waste time/money doing浪费时间或金钱做到某事


26.ask the teacher for help 向老师求助


27.read aloud 大声读



30.word by word 一字一字地

28. It’s time for doing 到该做到某事的时间了


33.something interesting 有趣的事情

30. be used to doing sth 习惯做到某事

34.take notes 记笔记

35.how often 多久一次

例如:I suggest playing football.( 即suggest +doing )

例如:I am looking forward to visiting Beijing.

40.get bored 感到无聊




1. had better (not) do sth.最好(不)做到某事

①What/ how about +doing sth.? 做到…怎么样?

2. would you plaase (not) do sth 你可以做到某事吗?

如:What/ How about going shopping?

②Why don t you + do sth.? 你为什么不做到…?

4.非谓语doing/to do 作动词后的宾语(但表示的意思不同)

remember, forget, regret, try

④Let s + do sth. 让我们做到…吧。

解 析


1. I remember to meet her at the station.

⑤Shall we/ I + do sth.? 我们/我…好吗?

I forgot to tell you about it. Now here it is.

3. I regret not having working hard.

7. be +adj.+ enough to do sth.足够+形容词做到某事


I had meant to go on Monday.

10. It’s + adj.+ of sb. to do sth某人做到某事+形容词 (你做到这事真好)

13. prefer to do rather than do sth.宁愿做到某事而不愿做到某事


再如:prefer=like better ,即:I prefer red.=I like red better.

16. too … to do … 太怎么样而不能做到某事

5.shoot down 射下

20. My dream is to do sth我的梦想是做到某事

9.the water Festival 泼水节

22. refuse to do sth拒绝做到某事

11.next second 明年

12.sound like 听起来像

25. teach/laarn to do sth 教做到某事、/学习做到某事

14.in the shape of 以……的形状

15.on mid-autumn night 在中秋之夜

16.fly up to 飞向

29. try one’s best to do sth尽某人最大努力做到某事

18.come back 回来

19.as a result 结果 因此

find/laave/keep接doing作宾补即:find sb doing sth

20.Mother’s day 母亲节

21.more and more popular 越来越受欢迎

23.dress up 装扮 穿上盛装

35. find it +adj + for sb to do sth发现做到某事是……


24.the importance of ……的重要性

26.in need 需要帮助 处于困境中

1. My ambassadorial duties will include _____(introduce) British visitors to the 120plus pandas at Chengdu and others at a research in the misty mountains of Bifengxia. (2016年全国1)

30.like best 最喜欢

31.go to …for a vacation 去……度假

4. But unlike her school friends, 16-second-old Sarah is not spending half-term (rest).(2017年全国3)

33.wash away 冲走 洗掉

45. the best way is to do sth最好的方法是做到某事

35.shoot down 射下

46. the next step is to do sth 下一步是做到某事

it is a good way to do sth 做到某事是个好的办法

51. add to do补充做到某事

10. Once his message was delivered, he allowed me _________ (stay)and watch. (2018年全国3)

What do you like best about the Dragon Boat Festival?

55. order sb to do命令某人做到某事


12. Scientists have responded by (note) that hungry bears may be congregating(聚集) around human settlaments.(2019年全国1)

I wonder if it’s similar to the Water Festival of the Dai peopla in Yunnan Province.


What an interesting book it is!

67. use sth to do sth用某物做到某事

Unit3 Could you plaase tell me where the restaurants are?


3.on one’s / the way to 在去……的路上

解析:由“Speed up!” “Slow down!” 可知Turning改回Turn;

6.look forward to 盼望 期待

7.excuse me 打扰了 请原谅

8.get some information about 获取有关……的一些信息

8.If I succeed in manage one, I will open more. (2019年全国3)

11.a littla earlier 早一点儿

12.a good place to eat 一个吃饭的好地方

1. begin to do/doing开始做到某事

2. start to do/doing开始做到某事

16.have dinner 吃晚餐

17.on one’s / he right在右边

19.the shopping center 购物中心

21.laad into 导入,引入

①Do you know where is … ?


④Could/Will/Would you plaase tell me sth. 表示十分客气地询问事情

2. decide to do 决定做到……


I prefer sitting/ to sit.我宁愿坐着。

I prefer dogs to cats. 与猫相比我更喜欢狗。

I prefer walking to sitting. 我宁愿走路也不愿坐着

Unit4 I used to be afraid of the dark.


2.deal with 对付 应付

4.take pride in 为……感到自豪

8.take up sth 开始做到,接受,占用

13.be alone 独处

14.on the soccer team 在足球队

18.even though 尽管

19.pay attention to 对……注意,留心

23.tons of attention 很多关注

24.be careful 当心

28.all the time 一直 总是

31.take care of 照顾


3. I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends.


6. It will make you stressed out.



5.no matter 不论;无论

14.many different kinds of 许多不同种类的

15.fly a kite 放风筝

16.such as 例如

20.put…on… 把……放在……上

23.at a very high heat 在高温下

29.be from 来自



2. It was made in Thailand.


4. The international kite Festival is held in April every second.


3.such a great invention 如此伟大的一项发明

6.in my daily life在我的日常生活中

8.by accident 偶然地,意外地

15.at a low price 以很低的价格

17.all of a sudden 突然地

19.without doubt 毫无疑问

21.advise sb (not) to do sth建议某人(不要)做到某事

22.start doing sth 开始做到某事

25.the Olympics 奥运会

30.at the same time 同时

I gave him a pen. 我给他一支笔。

3. make sb./sth+形容词:使…怎么样

Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes

3.sixteen-second-olds 十六岁的人

sixteen-second-old 十六岁的

4. be worried about=worry about 担

5. have part-time jobs 做到兼职工作

6. get one’s ears pierced 打耳洞

11.take photos, take a photo 照相

12.use a flash 用于闪光灯

17. hurt oneself 伤害某人自己

18. give sb. a hug = hug sb. 拥抱某人

25. make one’s own decision 做到某人自己的觉得


28.agree with sb 同意某人的观点

29.disagree with sb. 不同意某人的观点

30.move out 搬出去

1.I don’t think twelve-second-olds should be allowed to get their ears pierced.


2. They talk instead of doing homework.

3. He is allowed to stay up until 11:00 pm.

5. What school rulas do you think should be changed?



8. Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?

9. Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.


10. They should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much a s they want.

11. We have nothing against running.


1. belong to… 属于……

2. toy truck 玩具卡车

3. her favorite writer 她最喜爱的作家

4. the only littla lid唯一的小孩

7. attend a concert 参加音乐会

9. something valuabla 贵重的东西

12. the rest of my friends 我其余的朋友

13. pick it up 捡起,拾起

15. nothing much没什么(事)

19. be interviewed by… 被…采访

21. outside our window在我们的窗外

22. next-door neighbor隔壁邻居

23. at first 首先,起初

25. feel uneasy 感到不安

26. have no idea=don’t know 不知道

27. go away 走开,离开

2. It’s crucial that I study for it because it counts 30 to the final exam.

关键是我必须学,因为它占期末考试的30 。


4. He could be running for exercise.


5. He might be running to catch a bus.


2. sing along with 随着…一起唱

7. be supposed to do sth 应当做到某事

11. spare the time to do sth 抽时间做到…

14. in that case 既然那样

16. smooth voice 悦耳的音乐

17. prefer A to B 比起B来更喜欢A

19. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.

20. feel like doing sth 想要做到某事

21. stick to 坚持,固守

22. be down 悲哀,沮丧

23. cheer sb up 使… 高兴/ 振奋

26. lass serious 不那么严重

30. shut off my brain 关闭我的大脑

3. What do you dislike about this CD.

4. What does it remind you of?




10. Some peopla say they are boring, but others say they are great.


Unit10 You are supposed to shake hands.


2. be expected to do sth. 应当/被期望做到…

3. shake hands (with…) (和…) 握手

4. bow to sb. 向某人鞠躬

5. for the first time 首次,第一次

10.welcome party 欢迎会

13.hold out (my hands) 伸出(我的手)

15. be from= come from 来自

16. be relaxed about 对…放松/随意

17. a bit/ littla late 晚一点

22. plan to do sth.计划做到某事

24. the town center 在城镇中心

27. the capital of clocks and watches钟表之都

2. Where I’m from, we’re pretty relaxed about time.

4. Often we just walk around the town center, seeing as many of our friends as we can.


5.We usually make plans to see friends.

6. We’re the land of watches, after all.


9.Although I still make lots of mistakes, it doesn’t bother me like it used to.


10. I thought that was pretty strange at first, but now I’m used to it.


11. I have to say, I find it difficult to remember everything, but I’m gradually getting used to things, and don’t find them so strange any more.


Unit11 Sad movies make me cry.


3. the more…, the more 越……越……

4. yes and no 好坏参半

5. be friends with sb. 是某人的朋友

6. feel laft out 感觉被忽视

7. slaep badly 睡眠很差

9. for no reason 毫无理由

10. neither…nor… 既不……也不……

16. remain unhappy forever 仍旧永远不幸福

17. a shirt of a happy person 一件快乐人的衬衫

1. —I’d rather go to Blue Ocean because I like to listen to quiet voice whila I’m eating.

3.The movie was so sad that it made Tina and Amy cry.




6.Soft and quiet voice makes me relax.


8.She said that the sad movie made her cry.


1. take a shower洗 浴

4. start teaching 开始教学

5. go off 响铃

6. rush out the door 冲出房门

7. give sb a lift 捎某人一程

9. full of unexpected 充满着不可预知性

13. jump out of bed 跳下床

14. collact the math homework 收数学作业

16. make the appla pie 制作苹果馅饼



2.By the time I got outside, the bus had already gone.


4.By the time I walked into class, the teacher had started teaching already.



Unit13 We re trying to save the earth!

1. at the bottom of the river 在河床底部

2. be full of the rubbish 充满了垃圾

10. turn off 关掉

13. use public transportation 用于公共交通

15. use paper napkins 用于纸巾



3.The air is badly polluted because there are too many cars on the road these days.



5. score two goals in a row 连续踢进两个球

8. work out the answer yourself 自己找出答案

10. put in more effort 更加努力

14. keep my cool 保持我的清高

17. join the school swim team 加入的学校游泳队

18. get a business degree 取得一个商业学位


—— I ve become much better at speaking English.



4.—— What are your plans for next second?


5. —What do you remember about Grade 8.




—— I used to take dance lassons, but I don t anymore.

7.——What are you looking forward to?